Kodai Kondattam 2017

Jollya Vaanga ...!! Jora Kondaadunga .! Ithu Namma ooru Thiruvizha .!


(COME, CELEBRATE with JOY ..! This is Festival of our Native)

Kodai Kondattam 2017


Tamil Makkal Mandram successfully hosted their Annual summer carnival -  “Kodai Kondattam 2017” on Sunday, June 18, 2017 at the DCR Lowell Heritage State Park. This summer festival is a reminiscence of the nostalgic memories of village fairs in southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The main idea behind this event is to showcase the young generation about the country side celebration and games. The events featured fun games, tournaments, Dance, music besides, shopping “Food Mela” participated by multiple food vendors from the area show cased the Tamil Nadu native veg and non-veg specialty menu.

 Kodai kondattam started around 11AM and ran for the entire day with an array of tournaments such as volleyball, throw ball and kabbadi. Followed by various competitions such as Kolam, spot choreography and super singer. There were lot of games for kids such as sack race, lemon and spoon, tug of war etc. A special “musical chair” was held for the visiting parents so that they don’t miss the fun of the carnival. The interesting part of the event was the various booths that showcased the traditional games of Tamil culture such as Pambaram (TOP) and Pallanguzhi (specialty village game). A fun filled part of the session was the flash mob, participated by dancers from around New England area showcasing their talents. Any festival will be incomplete, without the aroma of yummy food. This holds good for TMM’s for Kodai Kondattam too. The audience present at the carnival enjoyed the sweet and spicy flavors of the various south Indian restaurants serving traditional and authentic foods of Tamil Nadu. 


 On the fun filled occasion, Kodai kondattam 2017Tamil Makkal Mandram released its second edition of bi-annual magazine “Tamizhosai” that imbibes the various literary talents and achievements of the community. Not to forget, all the proceeds from the carnival was donated to the prestigious cause of “Harvard Tamil Chair”. What a noble cause that all of us would be cherishing throughout the life being a drop in the big ocean of Tamil Legacy.!!!