TMM Family Movie Day 2016

TMM Family Movie Day 2016

A bag of popcorns, a lick of an ice cream cone, claps admist your favorite shots, whistle blows of fan followers -­ a back home enthralling experience was re­created at the TMM Family Movie Day. TMM hosted its second big event for the year, "Family Movie Day" on February 27th with the screening of the tamil movie "Irudhi Sutru" at "Apple Cinemas" , Cambridge, MA. It was a sit back and relax moment for the TMM members and its families after having organized the memorable Thai Pongal Event.

After a hectic week of work and school, the friends and families of TMM in and around New England enjoyed the event with kith and kin. As the movie commenced we could witness the mixed emotions of joy and expectation with the audience. It was yet another rejuvenating hour to watch the favorite stars on the big screen besides chatting with friends, humming our favorite music and discussing the cast and crew. 

At the end, when the audience left the theater, we could hear their words of expectations that many more such events would follow at TMM.

Author: KarthigaiPriya Govindarajan

Picture Credit: Karthikeyan Ramu